Terms of Service

Important: In case of doubt or dispute, this Terms of Service (TOS) page takes precedence over any and all service terms mentioned separately throughout our website.

This TOS page sets out what to expect when you use our BizOwner Websites service plans to boost your online presence for network marketing. Our TOS assures that our customers get a quality online service which is reliable and trustworthy.

  1. You may sign up for any BOW Plan to activate your personalized web page (BOW Page).
  2. We will render standardized content for your BOW Page, with optional customization.
  3. Your BOW Plan becomes inactive after the expiry date, unless you renew the plan.
  4. You pay the same price for renewal as you did on sign-up, assuming no change in BOW Plan.
  5. You may cancel your BOW Plan at any time, but no refund will be given if it’s before expiry.
  6. Upon cancellation, your BOW Page remains online until expiry, unless you write in to discontinue.
  7. You may not copy or replicate any or all of your BOW Page onto another domain for separate use.
  8. You have read all relevant Jeunesse documents governing your distributorship and Internet use.

In addition, the FAQ section on the home page covers some aspects of the service as asked by our customers.