Network Marketing? Game On!

So, network marketing is your main game. And you’ve set your sights on success.

But are you still stuck with oft-used traditional prospecting?

Chances are, you will come to realize that your outreach is severely limited. There’s only so much you can do solo.

Meanwhile, savvy marketers are doing things differently. You are about to learn their secret…

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Reach the Wider Online Market

The online world is where the action is.

In this connected space of billions, are you and your business being seen anywhere?

As a network marketer, you’d do well to establish your Web presence and tap on the massive market out there. The new huge opportunities await the ready.

I want a piece of the action
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Capture the Mobile Audience

Since January 2014, more people are now accessing the Internet via mobile devices compared to desktop PCs.

Are mobile users avoiding and abandoning your online property due to its unfriendly design?

Our mobile-ready Web pages look great on hand-held devices. So that your visitors experience delight when they surf with their smart phones and tablets.

I'll engage my mobile visitors

The BizOwner Websites Advantage


Get Online Quicker

Our standardized Web pages offer a truly turn-key solution to get you online quicker. And personalization adds a unique feel to your online presence. No fuss, just results you can use.


Focus Your Visitors

Clear, sharp messages ensure visitor attention is keenly focused on your products and business opportunity. Nothing to distract them, so that you have more action takers.

Be Worry-Free

We take care of all aspects of your online presence, be it Web page creation, Web hosting and maintenance, domain registration and renewal, etc. That’s complete peace of mind for you.

What we provide is a clean, clear and concise approach to help you get started quickly with your presence online.

Everything on your BizOwner Websites Web page is targeted to your customers and prospects alike. Our standard features, while presented in a simple format, can bring you extraordinary benefits.

All without you having to do very much, except for a bit of personalization. In fact, it’s almost a hands-off approach to being seen online.

That’s our “Online Outreach in a Snap” promise. The advantage you get with our BizOwner Websites service.

Extraordinary benefits await you...

10 Reasons Why This is Right For You

  1. Top-of-page header with graphics and headlines that immediately pique interest about your product and invite visitors to take action.
  2. A compelling intro video grabs visitor attention and focuses them on your product’s benefits, leaving them curious for more information.
  3. The product brief keeps visitors sufficiently informed of your product and maintains their interest.
  4. Before-n-after photos of product users, presented in slideshow format, engage visitors and affirm the product’s efficacy and quality.
  5. Options to buy your product at retail or wholesale pricing funnel visitors according to their interests and business inclination, allowing you to build a customer base and enroll keen distributors in your team.
  6. A quick overview of the business opportunity and the potential rewards available for people who sign up.
  7. Your bio section keeps the Web page personal and allows visitors to identify with you and your business.
  8. A simple Email contact form provides an easy way for visitors to reach you, creating an opportunity to gain the contact info of prospects and learn of their concerns about your product or business.
  9. Affordable price plans, all less than a dollar per day.
  10. You can get started within 24 hours of signing up.

Online Outreach in a Snap

Affordable Price Plans

Establishing your presence online is a breeze with our BizOwner Websites service packages.

Choose from our very affordable price plans to get started today. All plans cost less than a dollar a day!

But don’t let our low prices startle you — each service package is loaded with extreme value.


Not sure? Get started for less than S$1 a day!
S$89/ 3 months
  • Your own BizOwner Websites page URL
  • Product purchase and distributor sign-up linked directly to your network marketing account
  • Name and photo
  • Phone number (primary)
  • Phone number (additional)
  • Email address
  • Dedicated domain name linked to your BizOwner Websites page
  • Customized header graphics and headlines
  • Renewable every 3 months
Sign Up for Starter


Low commitment for the budget-conscious!
S$159/ 6 months
  • Your own BizOwner Websites page URL
  • Product purchase and distributor sign-up linked directly to your network marketing account
  • Name and photo
  • Phone number (primary)
  • Phone number (additional)
  • Email address
  • Dedicated domain name linked to your BizOwner Websites page
  • Customized header graphics and headlines
  • Renewable every 6 months
Sign Up for Value

Need some customization?

Value Add-Ons

We understand that some marketers like to have a more personalized Web presence, keeping their branding in mind.

Without breaking our turn-key approach, we offer specific customization by way of our Value Add-ons1:

  • Dedicated domain nameCustomization fee: S$15 every 3 months; plus S$15 for new domain registration2You can opt for a personal and perhaps more memorable Web address3 as a brand identity to promote to customers and prospects; for example, This domain name will be linked to your BizOwner Websites page.
  • Unique header graphics and headlinesCustomization fee: S$15 every 3 months; plus S$50 insertion feeTo create a different first impression, you can add your own header graphics and headlines4 to your BizOwner Websites page. This allows you to target visitors with your unique marketing message.

To order your customization, send us your request via our Contact Us page, quoting your BizOwner Websites URL. We will get back to you to confirm your Value Add-ons order and exact requirements.

1. All fees for Value Add-ons are payable in advance. No refunds will be issued for cancellation and any unutilized service periods.
2. You can use an existing domain that you own, provided it doesn’t expire sooner than 12 months at the time of ordering this Value Add-on.
3. We take care of all technical support required to render this service, including domain name registration and renewal, hosting, Web address linking, etc. The domain name remains your property but fully managed by BizOwner.Website during the service period.
4. You are fully responsible for creating the text and graphics; and providing the relevant media file, based on our display size and media file type recommendations.

Not sure how to order?

Follow this simple step-by-step guide…

Here’s how you order your personalized BizOwner Websites Web page:

  1. Choose one of our available service plans, shown above this guide. Click the corresponding “Sign Up” button.
  2. On the Order Review page, check that you have ordered the correct plan. Before clicking the “Pay Now” button, tick the “Terms of Service” checkbox.
    Make sure you read our Terms of Service (TOS). If you are viewing the simplified version, which appears in a pop-up window, click the “X” icon at the top-right of the window to close it, after reading the TOS.
    In case you went to the full TOS page, make sure you return to the Order Review page to continue.
  3. You will be transferred to the PayPal website for payment. You can use your PayPal account if you have one; or pay with a credit or debit card (without needing a PayPal account).
    After payment, click the “Return to” link shown on PayPal’s site to come back to our website.
  4. Meanwhile, check your Email inbox for PayPal’s receipt. Open that Email and make a note of (i.e. copy to clipboard) the PayPal Transaction ID or Receipt No. as your payment reference.
  5. Once back on our site, you will be on the Personalize page.
    Prepare an image file of your photo. Fill in the data form, including the PayPal payment reference from the previous step. Click the “Send” button to provide us with your personalization data and photo.
  6. Check your Email inbox for confirmation that we have received your data. Review the data shown in our Email and let us know if anything is incorrect.
  7. That’s it!. Now, sit back and relax.
    As shown on the Order Completed page, you can expect an Email update from us to go check out your live Web page. You should get the notice within the next 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?
Feel free to look through this section to familiarize yourself with our service.

If your question isn’t answered here, simply reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

Why are your prices so low?

Our aim is to help network marketers start with their Web presence without undue deliberation. With our very affordable price plans, there is indeed a service package for anyone who needs some assistance to get online.

We invest in goodwill, so to speak, by giving substantial subsidies with our service plans. We trust you will find value and quality in our service to continue being our customer. When you renew your service plan, we then earn the chance to book in some profit.

Can't I do this myself?

To be honest, you can.

Provided you know how to create Web pages, or know someone who does. And provided that someone doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for a professional-looking Web page that is mobile-ready. Fingers crossed that you don’t end up with something which looks sloppy and not thoroughly tested.

If you sit down to work out the sums, you’d need to pay for domain registration (and renewal), engage a reliable Web hosting service, get quality content written and pay for Web page design. And there are on-going fees for website maintenance. Not to mention costly technical assistance should there be issues.

More importantly, how fast can you get online? We know we can get you there in a day.

All in, you have to ask yourself this: Is it worth it to be distracted from your main business of network marketing, with no guarantee you’d even save money by doing your own Web page?

For many distributors, ours is a better solution and may be what they’ve been searching for.

We are here — for you — with our ready-made solutions :)

What is the ordering process like?

We have a quick guide which answers this.

Click here to go to the relevant section, then click the “Not sure how to order?” tab to view the guide if it’s not already open.

How do I pay for my service plan?

You can opt to pay with funds in your PayPal account; or with a credit or debit card. Card payment will be handled via PayPal as the payment processor.

PayPal is ubiquitous and a reliable and secure payment platform. Many who shop online are familiar with PayPal and expect it as a payment option.

I don't have a PayPal account. How?

Ok, you don’t actually need to have a PayPal account.

At the PayPal website, you can choose to pay with your credit or debit card. PayPal will process the card payment, like any other secure online payment processor.

After paying, you have the option to sign up for a PayPal account. Having an account can facilitate your online shopping at other websites and can be a savvy way to transact, as you don’t have to deal with your credit card details anymore.

What happens when I cancel my service plan?

When you cancel the service, your personalized Web page will remain online until the current expiry date. If you do not wish for others to access your cancelled Web page, please Email us with your request to take down the page.

Because of our low prices, we are unable to provide a refund for unused service periods. In case you change your mind after cancellation, you may reinstate your original service plan, without charge, as long as there is at least a month left before its expiry. Simply drop us an Email via the Contact Us page.

Will my Web page be accessible always?

We use professional Web hosting services from top hosting companies which guarantee 99.9% up-time for their Web servers. Still, there is the remote possibility of infrequent and very short periods of downtime, which is considered the industry norm.

If you have an active service plan, your Web page should be accessible to your online visitors without any perceptible hitch. If you have cancelled your plan and requested for immediate removal of your Web page, the page will be taken offline at once as instructed.

As part of our commitment to quality service, when we receive notice of any scheduled maintenance for the Web services we use, we will advise you accordingly by Email.

Can I upgrade my service plan?

Yes, we welcome you to consider a plan with a longer service period and/or at a different service level, based on prevailing service plans and prices at the time of consideration. You can save more with an upgrade.

When you upgrade, you pay the full price of a new service plan which will commence once your existing plan expires. And if you have 3 months or less to go on your current plan, we will upgrade your existing service to match the new plan at once. Which means even more savings!

For example, if your current plan runs out on November 30th and you decide to upgrade in September, you will get an upgraded plan which begins December 1st. Plus, you’ll start to enjoy upgraded service immediately for the remaining service period on your existing plan.

What if I downgrade?

Since we can’t provide a refund, there is no advantage to downgrade.

More importantly, we advise careful consideration when deciding on which service plan to commit to, including any upgrades.

How do I report a problem?

If you encounter a problem with our website, we are all ears and welcome your feedback.

Be it the ordering process, some confusion over the service plans, other content that is not clear, even a typo, etc, click this link to go to our Contact Us page where you can share your input with us.

We appreciate your feedback and will put full attention to the issues you’ve raised. Thank you for letting us know.

Online is Where Everyone Is

Don’t just do your network marketing the traditional way.

Widen your reach on the Web and tap the massive stream of prospects. 24 / 7. Even while you sleep.

With our BizOwner Websites service, getting started online couldn’t be simpler. And quicker!

We’ll be seeing you soon… on the Web.

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